Thursday, July 3, 2008

Back Workout

Back Workout
Here is a great Back workout to help you build those wide lats and ripped middle back muscles, and give you that big thick and wide back you have always wanted!
Building back muscles has proven to be very hard for me personally, but I have finally found the way to affectively build my back, and this back workout is that way! This back workout will help you build your lats wider and deeper to give you a great wide V- Taper.
Having wide lats and big shoulders will make you look wider than you actually are, and in this back workout there are some great exercises to help you build up your lats and get that broad wide look you have always wanted! Also there are some great exercises to build up those middle back muscles to give you that thick ripped back you have always wanted!!

Ok let’s start building those back muscles

Back Workout:
This workout contains 4 exercises that are to be performed at a very high intensity!
Intensity has got to be one of the most important things when building muscle, so keeping the intensity of your workout high will give you the best results!
When performing an exercise, really try to concentrate on the muscle you are working,
Its better to lift lighter weights and do more focused and in form reps, then it is to lift heavy weights and be out of form and not work the muscle you are trying to work.

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Ok here is your back workout!! Remember keep the intensity high!!!

**if you have any queries about how to do any of the exercises, please click the links provided**

Exercise One: Lat pull Down with “Parallel grip Lat pull down Bar”
We will be using the parallel grip bar for this exercise.
When you perform this exercise, try not to rock your body, instead keep your back up right and pull down with your elbows in front of you and try to only use your lats to pull the weight down, this will really work the lower part of your lats and help you build those wide lats more effectively.
Perform 3 sets of about 10-15 reps, with no more than 1 minute rest in between sets, and keep the intensity high!!

Exercise Two: Seated Cable Rows, But with wide Parallel grip

We will be using the same bar as we did the previous exercise for this exercise as well,
Your probably pretty confused because usually you perform cable rows with the close grip, but I find that when you use a wide parallel grip you get a better squeeze in your middle back and you isolate the muscle more effectively. So attach the parallel wide grip bar you just used for the lat pull down to the cable row machine and perform 3 sets of about 10-15 reps
When you pull towards you, try to focus all strain on your back and really squeeze your middle back at the end of the pulling motion.

Exercise Three: Wide Grip Pull-ups

Just good old regular pull-ups, perform 3 sets.
Remember to really focus on your lats, and keep the intensity high! Keeping the rest time low can really help your workout intensity!!

Exercise Four: Bent over Barbell Row

This is the last exercise in this back workout so really work hard at it and explode your back muscles!! Do 3 sets of 10-15 reps, with no longer than a 45 second rest in between sets! This exercise focuses on your middle back muscles so focus all strain on these muscles and don’t forget to squeeze at the top!!

Hopefully you have worked hard enough your back should be pumped up and ready to grow!! Don’t forget to take your Post Workout supplement within 1 hour of your workout so your muscles can get the nutrients they need after a high intensity workout.
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