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Vertical Jump Workout

Start Increasing Your Vertical Jump Today!!

Vertical Leap Workout.
This is a great Vertical Leap Increasing Plyometric Workout!
Do you wish you could jump higher for basketball or other sports? Do you want to fly above the rest?
You can give your self that vertical jump advantage with this great vertical Jump workout!
This Vertical Jump Increasing workout is great! It helped me personally add 1 point 3 inches to my vertical jump in less than 1 month! That is incredible results! It took me from touching the net on a basketball hoop, to being able to grab the rim with two hands and almost dunking the ball!! I wish I had continued to use this workout! Then I would be doing crazy slam dunks by now! Unfortunately I got lazy and stopped working on my vertical leap and got into weight and strength training.
But this vertical jump workout could work amazingly for you as it did for me!! And have you flying above the rest in just a few short months!!!
Start increasing your vertical Jump today!! Add this vertical jump increasing workout into your weekly routine!
I was performing this plyometric workout every 3 days; I suggest you do the same to get the best results.
But it is all up to you when it comes to increasing your vertical leap, each person is different and what works for some will not work as good for others…
Try to personalize this workout the best you can. I will write what I did and what worked for me, and you can experiment with it and see what works best for you, whether it be how many reps or sets you perform, or how long you rest in between sets, or the order you perform the different exercises or even the time of day you do this workout! Increasing your vertical leap is all up to you! And choosing what works best for you will give you the best results.

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Ok lets get on our way to increasing your vertical leap!!

This vertical leap increasing workout contains 2 high intensity plyometric super sets to get you jumping and flying above your opposition and give you that vertical advantage over everybody else!!

What is a super set?
A super set involves performing two exercises back to back without a rest interval. Essentially, this technique takes the prefatigue concept to a higher level of intensity. The difference is that you don’t give the muscle time to rest between two exercises.
By proceeding immediately to the second set, additional muscle fibers are forced to work after the other fibers have already failed.
We will be super setting Regular Squats and Jump Squats, then followed by a super set of burpees and Box Jumps

If you have any queries about how to do any of the exercises in this workout, please click the links provided. You will be linked to a You tube video or a detailed description of how to perform that exercise

***Warm up legs first to prevent injury***

Super Set One: Regular weighted Squats and Jump Squats

Ok start off with Regular Squats, I personally chose a weight that I could perform 12-15 reps with, but remember choose what works best for you.
After you have completed your set of regular squats put the weight back on the rack and immediately with no rest at all Perform a set of jump squats!! Do as many reps as you can!! You have now completed one super set!!
Now just do 2 more super sets with no longer that 1 minute rest in between each one.

Super Set Two: Burpees and Box Jumps

I personally started off with 12-15 reps of burpees, immediately followed by 12-15 reps of Box jumps. With box jumps, choosing a good box height is very important, again choosing a box height to jump on is completely up to you and your abilities.
Perform 3 sets of this super set.

Your legs should be very fatigued by now, and if not than you have not worked hard enough!!!

Hopefully this vertical jump workout can help you increase your vertical leap the way it did for me! And have you flying above the rest in just a few short months!!

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