Thursday, May 29, 2008

Fat Destroying workout!!

Fat Destroying Workout! The ultimate fat burning workout!

Got to much extra weight? Having problems with weight loss? Try this great fat
burning workout!!
Burn off all those extra pounds! get ripped hard abs and feel amazing!!!

**Warning** this workout is performed at a very high intesity for a period of 10 minutes**
** this is the concept of the workout, you should modify this concept to suit you best**
* Your diet is very important when trying to loose weight**
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Equipment Needed:

Exercise Cycle.
Sit ups Bench, or you can perform the sit ups on a mat or floor.
Timing device.


Jump on your exercycle and start cycling at a medium speed for 30 seconds, when the 30 seconds is up increase your cycling speed to a high speed!! and cycle at this speed for 30 seconds. when the 30 seconds is up slow your speed to a stop, then imediatley get off the cycle and with no rest at all, and as fast as you posibly can, get on the sit ups bench or floor in a sit up position.

begin to perform sit ups, do as many as you can within 1 minute. *do not rest!! as soon as you have done as many sit ups as you can or iff your extremely fit and the 1 minute is up, then imediatley get back on the exercycle and begin to cycle at a high speed for another minute!!! *build up to high speed, dont begin at high speed as soon as you get on cycle*

As soon as the 1 minute is up then again imediatley with no rest at all get back on the sit up bench or floor and do as many sit ups as you can within 1 minute!!! continue this *routine/cycle* for 10-20 minutes depending on your level of fitness to get best results!

The average person who is training their stomach muscles usualy does 3 sets of 15-30 reps with a 1 minute rests inbetween sets.
You are replacing their 1 minute rest with high intensity cycling!! this giving you the ultimate fat burning and abb building workout!!

*TIP** You CAN change the amount of time you cycle for. i personaly used 1 minute, but its important you choose a time that works best for you! *remember keep intensity high! and do not rest!!!** further down in this article i will explain other ways you can modify this workout, as this is very important for weight loss!!! soo please keep reading

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We all know that loosing weight is hard work, and there are so many programs out there that claim to help you with weight loss, i personaly think the concept i have explained above, when worked on and modified correctly, can and will help you with your weight loss goals.
Here are some ways you can modify this concept to suit you and your abilities.

Time: you do not have to use the "1 minute" cycling time i have stated above, you could decide to cycle for 2 or 3 minutes before you get off and perform sit ups. Choosing a good time that suits you will help you get the most out of this workout and therefore more fat burned!!

Exercises: You do not have to be cycling on exercycle or doing sit ups. You could be running around a field and doing push ups? Walking up steep stairs? you could use this concept with many different exercises!! Changing your workout is a great way to shock your body and help you Burn more fat. And dont forget your diet!!! what you eat is what you are!!!

I hope the Workout Concept and Tips i have given can help you with your weight loss goals!
Good luck!! and remember keep the intensity high!! and all that fat will be sure to fly!!!

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